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Water Sampling & Transportation Kits 

In order to provide you with the most efficient and easy water analysis experience, we have introduced Water Transportation/Sampling Kits. These kits enable easy and aseptic water sampling, altogether with a logistics solution, to quickly get your sample back to us within the required time frames.


Included in our Water Sampling/Transportation Kits;

Water Sampling: we provide you with a waterproof cooler, ice-block(s) to keep your sample cool, sampling bottles (required volumes determined by your Set Point Laboratories, SPL, Representative), microbiology bottle (if necessary, to preserve the sensitive microbial organisms) and a sampling guide.


Where does the Transportation come in? 

Your kit will be delivered to your door using a pre-approved courier. With our door collection or self-drop-off options, we have provided you with solutions that best suits your needs. 

Once your sample has been taken, you can drop-off or notify your SPL Representative, and he/she will arrange door collection. 


Set Point Laboratories now offers sample collections; each collection will be quoted on separately, collections are subject to courier surcharges for outlying, municipal buildings, farm holdings, retail centers etc. 

Same-day collections are available in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria Respectively, contact your SPL Representative to find out more 

Sampling Kit

Water Sampling & Transportation Kits 

  1. Order your kit along with the analysis you require

  2. Receive your kit at your premises

  3. Take your sample 

  4. Arrange collection or drop-off your kit and sample 

  5. Await your results

For a quick quotation on water analysis and collections,  contact our highly qualified and friendly analysts who will not only assist you and advise you.