Located in Windhoek our Namibian Laboratory provides a range of testing and analysis.  Set Point Laboratories Namibia provides professional, independent and comprehensive testing services on a diversity of products such as water, soil, feed, food, compost and plant material.

We help you to be assured of the quality of your resources and increase your customer and customer confidence in your products so that you stay ahead of your industry.


Industries and sectors we serve


Geological and Exploration




We offer testing for the following

  • Sample preparation

  • Geochemistry testing

  • Dust monitoring

  • Soil and water baseline studies

  • Acid-base accounting

  • Drinking water analysis and testing

  • Agricultural water analysis and testing

  • Agricultural soil

  • Wastewater analysis and testing

  • Water suitability for concrete

  • Industrial water analysis and testing

  • Swimming & spa pool water

  • Discharge monitoring

  • Food safety water testing

  • Organic farming soil testing

  • Aggregates analysis and testing

  • Corrosion investigation

  • Microbiology testing

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Nutritional & chemical analysis and testing

  • Contaminants analysis and testing

  • Quality analysis and testing


The monitoring of the microbiological quality of water, organic fertilisers and crops is important. Analytical Laboratory Services offers a range of tests for pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria, spoilage organisms and hygiene indicators to identify weak points in organic farming practices and to determine sources of contamination and the safety of products.


“Increase your productivity. Get your soil tested”

A broad range of individual tests are offered to determine the nutrient status in soil and plant tissue, each of which, provides different benefits that complement one another.

Soil testing provides a basis for responsible management decisions, which identifies real and potential deficiencies and/or toxicities and helps to optimise crop yield and quality.


We offer a wide range of chemical tests to determine the nutritional value, safety, quality and traceability of feed, forage and food products to protect the health of consumers and producers. We help ensure sound production, good manufacturing and food-trade practices.


Understanding the quality and composition of water on a farm is a critical component of modern farm-system management.

Analytical Laboratory Services offers a complete range of water tests performed using the latest technology. Such tests include; drinking water tests for both human and livestock consumption, irrigation water testing and wastewater testing.

For a quick quotation and more information regarding the laboratory in Namibia, contact our highly qualified and friendly analysts who will assist you.