Set Point Laboratories is best known for being a formidable partner in the mining industry. 


Our analytic services include

  • Sample Submission

  • Sample Preparation 

  • Mineral Analysis 

  • Environmental Analysis 

  • Hydro geochemical Testing 

  • Geochemical Soil Testing



Sample Preparation is one of the most important steps in analytical testing. A homogenous sub-sample is achieved through crushing, splitting and milling = equipment while upholding quality control procedures. 




Preparation begins with checking and sorting the samples according to the sample list on the Submission Sheet. Each batch of samples has a sheet. Each sample receives a unique barcode and is recorded into our LIMS System. 

Samples are inspected for any traces of moisture. If drying is required, our standard drying temperature is 105°C, depending on the matrix of the sample. Each sample is weighed and recorded in the LIMS system. 

Crushing is required for any sample with a particle size greater than 2.8mm. Secondary crushing is then carried our resulting in a less than 2.8mm particle size. The sample is then split down into a smaller than 1kg sample for milling. 

Pulverising then occurs in a milling machine which further reduces individual particle size to less than 90% to 106μm or less than 80% to 75μm. Once sample preparation is complete, samples are bagged and packed into crates, ready for analysis 



1:10 samples passing through the secondary crusher is screened at 2.8 mm, checking that 90% of the sample passes through. 

1:10 samples in each batch are screened at 106μm or 75μm 

Percentage loss for samples screened should be < 2%

Bowls, discs and lids are cleaned with running water and compressed air between each sample 

Scientist on Computer



Mineral analysis and testing allow for the identification of the composition of earth in a specific area/region. This analysis provides data for geological mapping, metamorphic history of a geological site, mineralogy and exploration. 


Mineral testing can yield data that breaks down the presence of trace metals in a mining or exploration site. It encompasses a wide range of analytics. Mineral analysis is also frequently conducted in residential areas to help determine mineral content in the municipal water supply. High mineral levels produce hard water, which degrades running water quality. 



XRF is a non-destructive analytical technique used to determine a full range of light to heavy elements by a pressed pellet or fused disc. The pressed pellet is a low-cost test option which is suitable for large numbers of samples (usually ppm levels) where the matrix of the material is generally consistent. Good examples of this application are copper and nickel determination in Merensky, UG2 and Platreef mineralization of the Bushveld Igneous Complex in South Africa, or analysis of uranium hosted by siliceous rocks. Borate fusions followed by XRF is the analytical technique most suited to certain ore types such as iron and manganese ores, phosphates, chromite, limestones and general silicates. The samples are fused using automated fusers and are analysed using high powered wavelength dispersive XRF spectrometers.


Borate Fusions:

· Iron Ore

· Manganese Ore

· Phosphates 

· Limestones 

· General Silicates 

Pressed pellet:

· Copper 

· Nickel 

· Cobalt 




Set Point Laboratories offers environmental analytical testing services for Environmental Monitoring and Baseline Studies. We provide water as well as soil testing in compliance with municipal by-laws and environmental health parameters.





Chemical analysis of wastewater, groundwater and surface water in surrounding areas of mining and exploration sites. This water analysis adheres to compliance with Municipal By-Laws.  

Wastewater/effluent analysis 

Drinking water analysis 

Sediment analysis

Metal and Anion Parameters for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) 





Dust Monitoring 

Soil contamination testing 

Acid-Sulphate soils 

Anions-cations balance 

BTEX and BETEXMN testing 

Soil and water baseline studies 

Acid-Base Accounting 


Set Point Laboratories is an accredited water testing facility, some analysis and testing procedures are outsourced.

For a quick quotation on mining and mineral solutions,  contact our highly qualified and friendly analysts who will not only assist you in selecting the appropriate tests but will advise you on mining and mineral testing related problems and interpretation of results.