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Mobile & On-site labotories



WearCheck Laboratories has facilities in South Africa and Namibia, expanding our footprint to the rest of Africa. Our service offerings include design, set-up and management of on-site, underground and mobile laboratories. 


“Every customer is important to us regardless of their geographical location, therefore if you cannot come to us, we will come to you.”


Outsourcing on-site laboratories allow clients to focus on their core competencies while ensuring that analytical data received is accurate and consistent. 


WearCheck Laboratories ensures that all on-site laboratories are established to meet client requirements. We ensure that all laboratories are managed at the same level of quality as our commercial laboratories.  


WearCheck Laboratories complies with individual mining SHEQ MS standards. We conduct Quality Assurance and Quality Control training for the benefit of the geologists, operators and samplers involved in the laboratory.

This service enables us to:

  • Closely monitoring material to ensure output is maximised and sustained from the current operations to the envisaged mining level

  • Quicker turn-around time on analysis

  • Samples reach laboratory quicker, making overall operations more efficient 

  • Cutting sample shipment costs.

This service enables us to:

  • Addressing customer queries immediately

  • Consistent consultation between laboratory personnel and the clients

  • Client convenience 

  • The overall efficiency of operations on-site as transportation times are reduced 

  • Overall cost savings from industry “know-how”  

For a quick quotation on mobile and on-site laboratories,  contact our highly qualified and friendly analysts who will not only assist you and advise you.

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